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Beyond the Binary

Creative direction, Art Direction, Photography, Video, and Design

Humboldt House is a feminist shop that centers daily rituals and makers. The shop offerings and business practices are a celebration of intersectional feminism, radical self-pleasure, queer love and community, reproductive justice, and fierce body positivity.

For the shop's 2021 Mother's Day campaign, my creative partner and I proposed expanding the idea of gifting for this holiday beyond the binary.

For many folks, Mother's Day invokes complex feelings of family, grief, race, generational trauma, and identity. Our work transforms definitions of what motherhood means by centering the diversity of divine connections—compassion, strength, creativity, intellect, spirituality, and sensuality—shown by those who have taught/given tenderness and affection.

Together, we created an unexpected series of campaign photography to inspire folks to give meaningful gifts to the people with whom they share these divine connections.

Co-created with Chi Nwosu
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