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Art direction, Stop motion

Crockd is a D.I.Y. pottery kit brand that encourages people to get their hands dirty and get real. Each kit comes with clay, tools, and clay breaker cards that facilitate conversations about sh*t that really matters, like mental health.

For this project, the brand needed two different 15-second Instagram ads featuring their main product—the original kit. Crockd's approachable and playful branding inspired me to create energetic stop motion animations that quickly capture user's attention in a crowded platform, and show the versatility and ease of playing with clay at home.

​Art directing and executing this project was a fun challenge and learning experience that pushed me to be extra-resourceful and expand my skill set to pottery making, stop motion animation, and audio production. For the audio, the dense and organic quality of clay inspired a prominent baseline while the sonority of the word "crockd" inspired the fast-paced finger snaps. I worked with a talented audio producer who helped me bring this vision to life.



Art Direction, Photography, Design, Animation: Bruna Zanardo
Audio Production: Freddie Dardenne
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