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Art Direction, Web Design, Digital Marketing

Only a few months into a rebrand and a global pandemic, my team and I were given a challenging job that would ultimately change the way Walgreens customers shop in stores and online. We were tasked with replacing the existing and beloved Walgreens Balance Rewards loyalty program with a better, but completely new program that focused on personalized offers.

Choosing how to message this big change was a complex task, involving a large team of brand marketers, business partners, and copywriters. My role was to art direct and design the myWalgreens site experience across multiple digital touchpoints, creating the best way to both alert and excite customers about this big change.

A memorable experience

This was a big moment for Walgreens, and big moments deserve big ideas. After presenting multiple concepts for the myWalgreens landing page, the team decided to move forward with a page that leveraged the red thread—a new brand element used to connect the many facets of the myWalgreens experience. We found a way to embrace this new element and help guide customers through a journey to discover the program benefits. The use of SVG animation created a lively and interactive experience unlike any other on

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Other red thread examples

Other designs created in the concepting

Other landing page designs created in the concept phase

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